Sarah Louise Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Sarah Louise Spring/Summer 2017 collection

Spring is a time of renewal, the chirp of birdsong and morning dew, flowers begin to bloom and start to show their colours, setting the stage for the warm days of summer.  Nature also provides Sarah Louise with guidance in helping us provide the very best for those we love. Take the delicacy and subtle iridescence of a butterfly’s wing. A wonder to behold as the sun shines and glistens to highlight its beautiful rainbow of colours.

In many aspects of our spring and summer collection we have mirrored such natural marvels but utilised our experience and skill to provide the garments with a longevity that contradicts their apparent delicacy. Part of the secret lies in sourcing the very finest fabrics from the best houses in Europe and beyond and doing more with them than might seem absolutely necessary. For example, you will find dresses that are self-lined, not because they have to be but because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Soft, floaty fabrics abound, in both fashionable designs as well as celebration wear which has been extended considerably this season. This enhancement will be found throughout the range where we now present accessories such as matching footwear and delicately beautiful hair clips. Fashion trends continue to be an influence but you will also find reflections of a classic fashion which lasts beyond the summer season.

Sunshine-bright shades  and tropical themes are perfectly balanced alongside perfectly posed posies and botanical bouquets treated in some cases with a nod toward realism whilst, in others, a more impressionistic approach is in evidence. By way of cont

rast, single colour themes and the ever popular nautical theme create stunning designs whilst, throughout, you will discover our signature detail manifested in the most delicate hand embroidery highlighted with the soft lustre of tiny pearl decorations, and delicate hand embroidered flowers.

The new season brings a freshness that suffuses a collection of silks and satins, chiffons , magical textures and colours, soft woven fabrics which are all coordinated to bring you what we believe to be our finest seasonal range to date.

Enjoy the collection